Surprising Advantages of Secondary Glazing

Here at Newham Glass 24/7 we have invested a lot of time here telling you everything about the advantages of secondary glazing, and it’s fair to state that we’re well aware of the two main advantages of secondary glazing: increased thermal effectiveness and sound decrease. 

1. Enhanced Security

It’s an unfortunate fact that a number of us are needed to be more security mindful these days, and this is a rare instance where original windows just aren’t always up to the task. Including secondary glazing produces an additional barrier, which can assist with low security original windows or residential or commercial properties on ground or sub ground floors

2. No more faded furnishings, images and drapes

There are some products that can block UV rays, this is excellent for those people who have light delicate furniture of artefacts (such as in manor houses), however is also terrific for maintaining the life of your soft furnishings, artworks, curtains or wallpaper: in truth, anything that might ordinarily become faded by the sun.

3. No redecoration needed

Changing your original windows is an unpleasant service. Even the installation of standard secondary glazing tends to suggest that redecoration is unavoidable. Fortunately, there are many products on the market thats an entirely non-invasive secondary glazing option that does not require the building of any frame or support outwith the window frame location itself. This indicates that no redecoration is required to the surrounding area, saving you cash and trouble!

4. Minimizes dirt, dust and outside contamination

Secondary glazing is an effective method of minimizing the ingress of dirt, dust and contamination from outdoors into your home. Initial single glazed windows frequently have multiple gaps and cracks where particles of dirt and dust can make their way in. This is why window sills of old windows are really frequently filthy and need regular cleansing! By sealing over the fractures with a secondary glazing system it reduces the dirt and dust which in turn leads to a cleaner home and much better air quality.

5. Extends the life of your initial window

Some products are remarkable at reducing, and often totally eliminating, condensation. This actually has the added benefit of drying out damp window frames, lowering instances of mould and drying out the basic area. This in turn extends the life of both internal and external paintwork, keeping your windows beautiful, dry and in outstanding condition.

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